9 thoughts on “My Family”

    1. The main bit of knowledge I’ve gained through twelve kids (one not pictured) and now five grandsons, is my constant need for God’s Grace. With so many moving pieces in my life, it is impossible to reliably “manage” it all. Much of my time is spent simply trusting in His Mercy!

      1. amen…same here, God’s used my four (n i thought i was a pro until your 12 😉 ) to teach me about grace and humility, and His undying love that surpasses even my love for them 🙂 God bless, and take care 🙂

  1. thanks a lot …..by reading 25 ways to make love my wife …i could find what actually i was searching . really thanks a lot !

  2. Just happened to read a couple of your writings on Pinterest and I feel a connection to your spirit, humbleness and overall outlook on life. I’ve pinned a couple of your articles so that I may return to read more when I’ve got more time. Thank you for your honest, heart-felt articles. Tina Pryer, Danville, IL

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